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-Hugh Hewitt: ‘Sacred Space’ Should Trump ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque

by Dr. D ~ August 6th, 2010

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11:  An American flag...

(Image by Getty Images via @daylife)

Hugh Hewitt in an article about the ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque concludes that Ground Zero in NY City is ‘sacred space’ to all Americans as an American battleground/memorial where over 3,000 were killed and that designation should trump all other uses including a mosque. Hewitt concludes:

Thus the controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque is just another in a long series of debates about how to protect space sacred to all Americans.  Mayor Bloomberg’s illiberal attempt to shout down critics of the GZM as bigots notwithstanding, the opposition to GZM and all other inappropriate uses of the area surrounding the site where America was attacked has powerful precedents on which to draw.

Shopping centers, theme parks, museums and casinos are all appropriate targets of hostility for preservationists, and the arguments arrayed against them was almost never that the use proposed was intrinsically wrong, but simply in the wrong place.  That is the debate about GZM, and it isn’t an attack on Islam or the Constitution to demand local state and federal efforts to preserve a battlefield from competing uses.

Response: I wonder if a 15 story church at that same location would have passed the city commission. I really doubt it. The politicians in New York are bending over backwards to be ‘politically correct’ and magnanimous toward Muslims.

It was a commercial building and usually churches have a great deal of difficulty getting the zoning approved for ‘tax-free’ religious uses.

Here in South Orange County California churches have a great deal of difficulty finding property. It took more than 10 years for a church I was connected with here to finally get a place of our own and we considered it a miracle.

The church I go to now is meeting in a couple of commercial warehouses that we bought and remodeled. Believe me, getting approval for it was no rubber stamp process. Most cities in this area want more commercial property and not less as a ‘tax base’ to support their budgets. I am sure NY City is no different.

Again, I really, really doubt that a church would have ever gotten permission to build at that location. The fact that they did get city permission is a demonstration of political correctness.

I am with Hugh Hewitt, the space should be designated as ‘sacred’ and any building and uses in the area should reflect that. New York is a big city and the mosque is  “simply in the wrong place”.             *Top of the Blog

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2 Responses to -Hugh Hewitt: ‘Sacred Space’ Should Trump ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque

  1. Tyson Bam

    Just because they have the freedome to build it doesn’t mean they should. This makes the point well.

    Pork Plant Opens Next to Mosque Next to Ground Zero (great satire)

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