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-Federal Judge Overturns Voters on Traditional Marriage

by Dr. D ~ August 5th, 2010

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Every time the voters have been allowed to give their opinion on marriage they have always favored traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

California is no different. Even in this ‘liberal’ state voters supported Prop 8 -the Traditional Marriage Amendment.

Now that has been overturned by a federal judge in San Francisco who himself is gay though we were continually told that he would rule fairly and impartially on this issue.

Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker in his ruling declared that:

“…limiting marriage to a man and a woman serves no legitimate purpose and is an "artifact" rooted in "unfounded stereotypes and prejudices."

"Rather than being different, same-sex and opposite-sex unions are, for all purposes relevant to California law, exactly the same. The evidence shows conclusively that moral and religious views form the only basis for a belief that same-sex couples are different from opposite-sex couples."

If the ruling is allowed to stand then California will join Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C. as the only jurisdictions which allow gay marriage in the USA.

However if it is allowed to stand it will also probably be the death of traditional marriage and a ‘fait accompli’ for the legalization of gay marriage.

Meanwhile Judge Walker will allow time for the Prop 8 advocates to appeal the decision to the 9th Circuit court of Appeals before he opens the gate for gay marriages once more in California.

Response: Is this really a ‘civil rights’ issue? In California Same-sex unions are already allowed with the same rights as marriage. Is using the term- ‘marriage’ a civil right? Does marriage itself really need to be redefined in order for equal rights to apply? I don’t think so. 

Is traditional marriage really ‘an artifact rooted in prejudice’? Are ‘moral and religious views’ the only basis for traditional marriages?

I believe that the entire history of humanity and particularly Western Civilization testifies differently and supports the wisdom of traditional marriage as the norm.

Even in past civilizations where homosexuality was prevalent and accepted like in ancient Greece and Rome, marriages were only allowed between a man and a woman in the interest of raising up children.

In this case, evidence was submitted and accepted by Judge Walker that children could be raised just as well by two woman or two men as they could by a father and a mother. I really do dispute that research and findings and so do most people with a lick of common sense.

Now the next stop is the infamous ‘liberal’ 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. However some are wondering who will be an accepted advocate in the appeal.

The Governator and State AG Jerry Brown both oppose the Prop 8 so they won’t be standing up for the voters. The 9th Circuit could rule that there is no valid advocate for the Prop. -crazy but possible. If that is the case then the proverbial crap will hit the fan and Jerry Brown who is running for Governor can kiss it all good by.

Anyway wake me up when it gets to the US Supreme Court. It is destined for a 5-4 vote with Justice Kennedy as the deciding opinion and who knows how he will vote.             *Top of the Blog

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