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-Turkish Government Breaks Precedent Intervening in Military Affairs

by Dr. D ~ August 3rd, 2010

Flag of Turkey , Vector

(Turkish Flag via Wikipedia)

The Turkish Government under President Abdullah Gul and PM Recep Erdogan broke government rules last week and for the first time interfered with military promotions and affairs.

The government used the excuse that many in the military were part of a ‘coup in the making’ and those involved should not eligible for promotions or major assignments.

The Erogan and Gul government recently accused 102 officers including 11 generals and admirals of planning to overthrow the current government.

Since the founding of the country of Turkey following WWI, the military has been run independent of the civil government and given the implied right to interfere with the civil government and not the other way around. It was originally set up that way in order to maintain Turkey as a ‘secular’ government.

For those of us living in the USA and the West this seems like a very strange arrangement indeed. We are use to the military being subject to the duly elected civilian government and not the other way around.

However in Turkey, the military has been maintained as an independent ‘secular’ institution that was expected to counter balance any establishment of a radical ‘religious’ government. For over 90 years the arrangement has worked rather well and Turkey has had the most stable government in the Middle East during that time.

The election of Erdogan and Gul who are far more ‘Islamic’ than previous leaders has brought with it considerable changes in Turkey. It is no longer as ‘secular’ as it once was but is becoming far more ‘Islamist’ in perspective.

In fact Christian leaders in Turkey are now complaining that their rights are increasingly being ignored and now many Christians find themselves in trouble with their Muslim neighbors and the government who use to protect religious minorities is no longer doing so. Persecution of non-Muslims is now on the rise in Turkey.

Not only that but now Turkey has turned from the West and is now looking more Eastward politically and recently completed major treaties with Iran and Syria. This has caused many to question their continued place as part of NATO and as supposed allies of the USA.

Also Turkey has been the only real friend and ally of Israel in the Middle East and now under PM Erdogan this seems to be rapidly changing. Recently Turkey was involved with opposing Israel in the ‘flotilla incident’ actually sending ships to Gaza trying to break the blockade. Not exactly something a friend or ally would do. Obviously Turkey is now showing far more radical ‘Islamic’ sentiments than they ever did previously.

It calls into question what side they would be on in the event of a war between Iran and Israel. Would they join with Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Palestinians in a coming conflict or stay out of it?

The recent interference of Gul and Erdogan with the military does not bode well for the future especially if they are able to reform the  more secular Turkish military into their own more radical Islamic image.       *Top of the Blog

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