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-UK: “10 Reasons Why You Would Want Ultra-Orthodox Jews as Neighbours”

by Dr. D ~ August 2nd, 2010

Ultra-orthodox Jews in Brooklyn
(Image via Wikipedia)

Here’s is a much needed article from the UK: “10 reasons why you would want ultra-Orthodox Jews as neighbours”  by Julian Kossoff.

He provides some very good reasons why gentile folks might want to live in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

Some of it is ‘tongue-in-cheek’ but a good relief from the current rising anti-Semitism in Britain and all across Europe:

1. Property prices

2. Crime

3. No tiresome keeping up with the Joneses/Cohens

4. Noise abatement

5. Weekend parking

6. No impromptu visits

7. No sex, please, we’re Jewish

8. Leylandi (absence of -gardening)

9. Schools

10. Liberation from social conventions

Response: Be sure to follow the link and read what Julian has to say under each point.

He does make fun of the perceived cultural rudeness but the Brits have never visited Koreatown in LA. The Jewish folks in the Fairfax District are sweethearts compared to the Korean Americans and those folks are mostly Christians. forget about finding a parking spot there unless you’re a blackbelt. Of course my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek if you didn’t notice.           *Top of the Blog

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