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-Is This a Good Idea?: Florida Church Plans to Burn Qurans on 9/11 Anniversary

by Dr. D ~ July 28th, 2010

Book burning
(Image by pcorreia via Flickr)

Is this a good Idea? A Florida Church plans to burn Qurans on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01.

No! Not a good idea at all.

Jesus teaches us to treat others like we would want to be treated. Since this will unnecessarily offend thousands of Muslims it really doesn’t pass the ‘Jesus test’ as far as I’m concerned.

However, I do defend the right of that church to burn Qurans or even Bibles if they unfortunately choose too. Also I would condemn anyone would threaten or carry out acts of terrorism against the church and its pastor or members.

I remember last year when a church decided to burn hundreds of Bibles -all modern English translations. The pastor was one of those who consider the 1611 King James Version to be the only ‘real’ Bible and all others ‘heretical’. They also decided to burn hundreds of books by Christian authors, some of my favorites in fact.

I believe that these type of actions end up reflecting poorly upon a church and a pastor. The church in this case -Dove World Outreach Center has joined in with the extremist Westboro Baptist Church in protesting homosexuality in the past.

It is no accident that the ‘church’ in this case is non-denominational. No regular christian organization would tolerate this type of offensive publicity seeking event.            *Top of the Blog

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2 Responses to -Is This a Good Idea?: Florida Church Plans to Burn Qurans on 9/11 Anniversary

  1. Talal Bin Malek

    this is not necessary …… burning a Quran Sharif shows that they hate Muslims but why should all the Muslim take responsibility for what a few bad Muslims did beside people from other religion was also involved in 9/11 ……
    We respect Quran Sharif more then any other book burning it would be a cheap move from the Church………..

  2. -Indonesia: Thousands of Muslims Protest Plans to Burn Quran | ANSWERS For The Faith

    […] We first posted in July about the plan of this Florida church to burn Qurans on the Sept. 11 anniversary and condemned it.  Here’s what we said at the time: “…Not a good idea at all. […]

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