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-Vietnam: House Church Attacked During Worship

by Dr. D ~ July 23rd, 2010

HO CHI MINH CITY, July 23 (Compass Direct News): “A gang of youths on Sunday (July 18) attacked a house church as the congregation worshiped in Xi Thoai village in Phu Yen Province on Vietnam’s south central coast, Christian sources said.”


The youths smashed furniture, burned Christian books and stole more than $3,000 in the process. The house church was full and in the midst of worship when the attack began.

The house church is part of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (South), Vietnam’s largest government-registered denomination. Church leaders believe that the gang was encouraged to attack the house by local government authorities:

“There was no other reason for this – it is religious persecution, pure and simple, incited and allowed by local government officials,” said one prominent ECVN(S) leader. “The inaction of higher officials casts into doubt our country’s claim to uphold religious freedom.”

Response: Vietnam is suppose to have some sort of ‘freedom of religion’. Nevertheless, government officials want to maintain some sort of control over religious institutions and in some areas of the country there is still outright opposition to religion and particularly Christianity from the Communist leaders.

In this case, the local authorities actually incited a gang of youths to harass worshipping Christians and wreck havoc on a nearly completed new house church.           *Top of the Blog

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