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-Wichita City Council Plans to Keep Praying

by Dr. D ~ July 22nd, 2010

image The Wichita City Council in Kansas say they will continue having invocations before each meeting regardless of complaints by the local chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The prayers will also continue to be diverse and reflect the different religions in the community.

Councilman Paul Gray reflected on the Constitution and responded:

"…it doesn’t require us to have an absence of religion because a few people out there, a very slim majority, feel offended. I think the majority of the country does not have a problem as long as everybody gets a fair representation."

Response: Amen Councilman Gray. Way to go Wichita. Some of those folks have obviously been actually reading the US Constitution.

So many cities are caving in to secular and atheist pressure on this issue without really considering that the vast majority of their citizens support public prayers as long as they are diverse. The Constitution does not require ‘freedom from religion’ or the absence of religion in the public square but ‘free exercise of religion’ without official government interference or regulation. Citizens should be free to begin public meeting with prayers and those who don’t like it are free to tune them out.

For several hundred years invocations have been featured in public meeting in America. Congress still begins the day with formal prayers at each session. It should always be remembered by those who want to cite the so-called ‘separation clause’ that the Constitutional Convention itself began with prayer every day and even stopped for prayers of guidance several times when they were at an impasse. So much for the Constitutional argument.              *Top of the Blog

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