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-This week: Among the Muslim Fanatics

by Dr. D ~ July 18th, 2010

Here are just a few of the more radical incidents involving Muslim fanatics this week beginning with the horrific bombings of the soccer fans last Sunday that killed 74 and injured hundreds of others in Uganda:


Somali Militant Group Claims Responsibility For Bombing Attacks that kills 74 Soccer Fans

Nigeria: Muslims with machetes kill priest’s family and set fire to his church

India: Jihadis rape and torture three teenage Hindu girls 

Two Pakistan Churches Come under Attack from Islamists 

Muslims rioting in France, burning cars over killing of Muslim casino robber who shot at cops 

Jihad/martyrdom bombers smile for the camera before killing 28 at Iranian mosque

Suicide attacks kill at least 48 in Iraq 

Bomb kills 3 in Afghan capital ahead of conference

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