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-This week: Among the Muslim Fanatics

by Dr. D ~ July 11th, 2010

image This is the first of a new series to be posted every weekend. I intend to list and link to some of the more radical stories of the week coming out of the Muslim world. There are so many and so little time and space that it will be impossible to get them all but here it goes:

-Muslim fanatics hack off Christian teacher’s hand for alleged blasphemy

-Future uncertain for woman facing stoning death

-Muslims Attempt to Behead ‘Apostate’ in Egypt

-Muslim Mob Kills Wife, Children of Christian in Pakistan

-Somali Islamists Execute Christian Convert

-Indonesian Muslims Call for Jihad against Spreading Christianity

Plus an article I did:

-Pakistan: Elderly Christian Arrested for ‘Blasphemy’

Response: These are just a few of the more radical this week. One could literally spend all day digging out stories that demonstrate a major disconnect between the West and the Muslim world.

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