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-Imagine a Muslim Call to Prayer in Your Neighborhood?

by Dr. D ~ July 7th, 2010

The Sun is rising over your quite neighborhood then the imam across the street begins the Muslim morning call to prayer over the loud speaker.

Not to worry, it is only audible for 3 blocks around. At least that is what imam Shahid said during a Community Board 9 hearing in the Bronx considering his plans to amplify the Muslim call to prayers:

“Islam requires us to do adhan (Muslim prayers). Adhan is a good sound. It hurts no one.”

Well, several thousand neighbors disagreed with the imam over whether it would be such a ‘good sound’ or not.

Response: Incredible! Church bells are regulated and disallowed in many communities but the Muslim call to prayers which are far more intrusive are being considered? Thousands of neighbors are protesting but it has yet to be resolved.

This is not a unique case, already a mosque in Manhattan is broadcasting prayers but only on Fridays. Also there are several communities in Detroit and Dearborn Michigan which tolerate some form of prayer amplification but only in neighborhoods that are substantially Muslim.

When does ones ‘freedom of religion’ begin to intrude upon the rights of others? When an imam begins a early morning prayer that wakes up everyone –Muslims and ‘infidels’ for 3 blocks around –that’s when. Toleration yes, but imposition and infringement –no.

The broadcast of the call to prayers in the Middle East became a tradition in order to force everyone to participate in the prayers. Islam has no right to impose it’s prayers upon any neighborhood in America any more than churches have a right to ring their bells indiscriminately or broadcast their services over outside loud speakers. This should not be allowed in America under a PC guise of tolerance.       *Top of the Blog

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4 Responses to -Imagine a Muslim Call to Prayer in Your Neighborhood?

  1. LisaLin

    I’m a Christian, but I don’t understand how this is imposing on the religious rights of others. Is anyone being forced to pray? I hate how people love to whine on moan!

  2. Dr. D

    You might think that it is imposing on your rights if you lived in that neighborhood and were waken up at 5:30 am to a Muslim call to prayer every morning over a load speaker that can be heard for 3 blocks around.

  3. LisaLin

    I’ve spent time in Jordan and Turkey. The morning calling to prayer was less intrusive than other sounds I’m used to in the USA….loud stereos, neighbors barking dogs, traffic, etc. People should have their butts out of bed by 5:30am anyway! Good grief.

  4. karl

    Lisa Lin, I guess if call to prayer is OK over loud speakers at 5 am then so would AC-DC’s song Hells Bells at 5000 Watts right? It just depends on what you like and when you like it right!? What about revely bugle call over the loud speaker played by Major General Pain? The point is that communities have established rules agreed upon by the population for a reason. If one group can break them and not others then it’s a double standard and discrimination. When you move into a town you move there understanding to follow the local laws or suffer citations. In my opinion, and I’m sure I’m far from alone, nobody should move to another country with the intent to change it…if you don’t like the way it’s done in Rome then don’t come!!!

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