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-Pakistan: Elderly Christian Arrested for ‘Blasphemy’

by Dr. D ~ July 1st, 2010

Map of Pakistan
(Image by Omer Wazir via Flickr)

Here’s my weekly post on persecution in Pakistan. Time and time again Muslims use Pakistani sharia laws to gain dominance over rival Christians.

In this case Rehmat Masih (age 85) of village No. 165/RB Jandawali was arrested for supposedly making blasphemous comments about Muhammad. According to Pakistani law this is punishable by death.

His Muslim accuser was trying to buy the same piece of land as Masih and used the blasphemy law to get rid of his rival for the property.

In almost every case authorities accept the word of Muslims over Christians even when it makes no sense at all. In this case, the police accepted the story of the Muslim Muhammad Sajjid Hameed who filed the accusation when Masih was able to purchase property that Hammed wanted.

This kind of business ‘end-run’ is used against Christians all of the time in Pakistan. Hameed testified in court that Masih had made derogatory remarks about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and Khadija, his first wife. Three others backed up the testimony.

Masih said the following before the court:

“I am not a blasphemer, nor I can think of such a sinister thing, which is against the teachings of Christ.”

Response: As usual, the testimony of Muslims was accepted over the word of a Christian even though everyone involved probably knows it was ‘put up’ job including the authorities and the judge. Nevertheless, the elderly gentleman will probably spend the remainder of his life in prison being persecuted and mistreated by Muslim jailers and fellow prisoners.

Here’s a second story of the week from Pakistan:

Christian Professor Beaten for Refusing to Convert

June 25 (CDN) — Muslim students attacked a Christian professor at Peshawar University College this month after he refused their demand to convert to Islam.

Psychology professor Samuel John who had been teaching at the college Peshawar for over 12 years was attacked by 20-25 students as he left his house on campus on June 14. His wife tried to help but both were severely beaten and ended up in the hospital.

The professor continues to receive threats against himself and his family unless he converts to Islam.

Response: There was a time in Pakistan when believers in minority religions including Christianity were treated with respect and allowed to live in peace. This is no longer the case as Muslim extremism is on the rise in Pakistan and really all over the Middle East.            *Top of the Blog

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