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-Ahmadinejad: New ‘Age of Enlightenment’ Coming Soon

by Dr. D ~ June 29th, 2010

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Here’s some recent quotes (6/25/10) from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

“A long and black chapter in the history of humanity is coming to a close and an age of enlightenment is about to start.

“The arrogant powers have stood against the divine force throughout history and today the arrogant regime in the United States is the biggest obstacle against the cause of the prophets.”

…”history’s unrivaled arrogance is about to collapse.”

“They cannot use arms against Iran because they fear the Iranian nation’s response. That they gather together and (still) stop short of a logical response to Iran’s logic, indicates the might of the Iranian nation….The Iranian nation is after changing the world’s unjust system and the establishment of justice.”

Response: To most Western ears this sounds like crazy talk but to Middle Eastern Muslims it not only makes sense but is a herald of good things to come. You only have to read some of the comments below the article linked above to see the real disconnect between the West and the Middle East, between Muslim fantasy and historical reality.

There are literally a dozen times in the last few years where Ahmadinejad called for the collapse and destruction of the West particularly the USA and Israel. Last year the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei called on Muslim nations around the world to unite militarily in response to the imminent coming of Islam’s messianic savior – the Mahdi and defeat the West once and for all.

The Iranian Shia sect of Islam believes that a 12th Imam is soon coming back to establish Sharia rule over the entire world but first they expect to fight a major World war to defeat ‘The Great Satan’- the USA and to utterly destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

All Muslims share in the hope of a coming new Islamic Caliphate to dominate and rule the world. However, the Iranians not only believe it, they are intent on bringing it on as soon as possible through war. This is why we really do need to take what this crazy guy has to say seriously.

Unfortunately Ahmadinejad is merely a bad joke in the West even though the Iranians are developing nuclear weapons and continue to threaten to destroy the USA and Israel. The Israelis do take him at his word and more than likely there will be a major war coming soon to the Middle East whether it makes any sense to us or not.       *Top of the Blog

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