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-UK Muslim Leader Admits that Islam Not a ‘Religion of Peace’

by Dr. D ~ June 28th, 2010

Here’s an interview with UK Muslim leader Anjem Choudary who says basic Islamic teachings from the Quran shaped his pro-jihad message. Hear what he says in his own words about Islam not being just another religion but an ideology that is all encompassing and worth fighting and dying for.

He applauds the 9-11 terrorists and considers ‘Jihad’ against Christians and Jews as mainstream and authorized by the Quran. He is hoping to overthrow the British government and replace it with one based upon Sharia law. Well worth 6 1/2 minutes.

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1 Response to -UK Muslim Leader Admits that Islam Not a ‘Religion of Peace’

  1. John Mark

    Well at least Mr Chaoudury is honest about his plans to take over the UK. My advise for him is patience has a limit beware of the UK populace!

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