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-Afghanistan: Christian Converts Arrested and Threatened with Execution

by Dr. D ~ June 26th, 2010

This is a story that has escaped the American media. Over 20 Christian converts have been arrested in Afghanistan as some Afghan leaders of the National Assembly are calling for their execution. This is in response to a TV expose’ and the aftermath demands of thousand of Afghans.

Over 1,000 protestors rioted in the streets of Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan on April 9th against foreign Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and allegations of proselytizing by Christian aid organizations. The protestors called for all Christian organizations and churches to be expelled from the country. Also they demanded punishment and death for all Christian converts. During the march demonstrators shouted slogans such as "Death to America! Long live Islam!"

image image 

Afghan broadcaster Noorin TV did a expose’ that showed men reciting Christian prayers in Farsi and being baptized. The TV commentators claimed that the men were Afghans who had converted to Christianity through the efforts of two Western aid groups, the Norwegian Church Aid and Church World Service of the United States. Afghan authorities have suspended the two groups pending an investigation.

The TV program resulted in major protests all over Afghanistan in most major cities including the one shown above at Mazar-e-Sharif and also one at Kabul University.

Apparently it is still a capital crime in Afghanistan to convert from Islam even though the Afghan government signed on to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which is suppose to protect an individual’s “freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice”. Nevertheless, the Afghan Constitution is based upon sharia law which strictly bans religious conversion under the penalty of death.

Response: It makes me wonder if we haven’t overstayed our welcome. The US should probably get the job done against the Taliban and al Qaeda as soon as possible and get the heck out of there. All ready the Afghans are shouting out ‘Death to America’ slogans? Not a good sign at all.

With 100,000 troops there, the least they could do is protect the Christians and get them out of the country? However I doubt that our military forces will meddle in this Afghani internal dispute. But why are Americans dying over there in the first place if those folks want to live under Islamic extremist rule?

Prayers are in order for the 20 or so converts now in jail. It doesn’t look good for those folks and their families.     *Top of the Blog

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3 Responses to -Afghanistan: Christian Converts Arrested and Threatened with Execution

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  2. John Mark

    Hello!!! when is the west going to wake up, Islam is the threat not Muslims, Islam is the most intolerant religion on earth. For those who claim that Islam is the religion of peace. Peace for the converts not for the Dhimmis. Wake up smell the coffee, are we having problems with other faiths? Nevertheless you do your home work I did to the conviction that Christianity is the only true faith which teaches, Faith, respect, reason, love of God and neighbour even Muslims, no conditionals. Fundamentalists have faith, have hope but they have no love!

  3. khalid

    send this news to me

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