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-Is Barack Obama Anti-Semitic?

by Dr. D ~ June 24th, 2010

President Barack Obama with White House Chief ...
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Is President Barack Obama anti-Semitic?


Is President Barack Obama anti-Israel?

Maybe, it depends

Here’s a link to an open letter to the President from actor Jon Voight claiming that the president is anti-Israel and promotes anti-Semitism.


I partially agree with Voight’s letter but draw the line at anti-Semitism. I believe that one can be opposed to Israel without necessarily being anti-Semitic. In fact there are plenty of Jews who oppose the Jewish state are they anti-Semitic also?

Yes Barack Obama does have some close friends from the past that are definitely anti-Semitic but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he agrees with them on that issue. After all if he was truly anti-Semitic than he probably wouldn’t have as many Jews in his administration as he does particularly someone as close to him as Rahm Emanuel his Chief of Staff (see picture above).


Jon Voight believes that the President is anti-Israel. I say maybe and that depends upon the context.

Does Obama support the right of Israel to exist?


When it comes to Israel, Barack Obama is the least supportive President we have ever had. However I do believe that he at least supports the right of the Jewish state to continue to exist. That being said, how far would he go to guarantee the safety and continuing existence of Israel? I don’t know.

Would he stand by and allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons and then threaten Israel’s very existence? Maybe. Would he go to war against Iran and virtually all of the Middle East including maybe Turkey to save Israel? I don’t know. I don’t think so and neither do the Israelis.

I also believe that he is more supportive of the Palestinians and their destiny than any other President to date and would like to see that an independent Palestinian state becomes a reality. In that process I do believe that Obama would be willing to give away the farm so to speak and in reality make the Jewish state far less safe than it is now.

To see where Obama’s heart is can be demonstrated by the recent contrasting visits to the White House by Israel’s PM Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas. Netanyahu was snubbed, left alone for hours, and taken to the woodshed by Obama with no foto-op allowed while Abbas was greeted like a long lost friend and received a pledge of $400 million in additional support from the President. Oh Yes- a photo portfolio of the event is available.

The very fact that Barack Obama is perceived to be pro-Palestinian and soft in his support of Israel makes it all the more likely that there will be a major war against Israel in the near future while he is still President.       *Top of the Blog

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2 Responses to -Is Barack Obama Anti-Semitic?

  1. Curly

    Barack Obama hates America. He also hates Jews. He supports the muslim world but he doesn’t support Israel. He wants to control America and convert our country from a Christian Republic to a muslim theocracy.

  2. Dr. D

    I do not believe that Obama hates America just doesn’t like the way it is now and wants to change it. Also he doesn’t like the way the Constitution limits his power and that of the government. We are heading toward a Constitutional crisis where the powers of presidency will be challenged and defined more clearly for better or worse. Yes he does have sympathies toward Muslims but I don’t believe that he likes the strictures of any religion and is substantially secular.

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