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-Dearborn, MI: Four Christian Evangelists Arrested at Arab Festival

by Dr. D ~ June 21st, 2010

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(Festival by Pliable Makin via Flicker)

Last Friday Dearborn Police arrested four Christians talking to people about Christ at the yearly Arab Festival.

Christians got in trouble for proselytizing at the Arab cultural event in Dearborn, Michigan for the first time last year. For years the Arabic Christian Perspective, a Christian group that ministers to Muslims had a booth and participated in the event but beginning last year festival organizers decided to ban Christian ministries.

Christians passed out tracts and talked to people from public sidewalks last year but a judge ruled that they could not legally do that during the Festival. This year Christians merely talked to people informally and only spoke with people who decided to speak with them yet they were still arrested for talking about their faith.

The original restrictions were against handing out leaflets to the Festival crowd which they did not do this time yet were arrested anyway.

Response: Apparently there is ‘freedom of religion’ in this country except in Dearborn Michigan during the Arab Festival.

Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said that his department made the arrests in the interest of keeping the peace. There were concerns that maybe some of the adherents of the ‘religion of peace’ might not be all that peaceful towards Christians invading their venue even if they are Arab Christians?

A judge has ruled last year that even though there are some city streets and sidewalks used that surround the event it is none the less a ‘private affair’ and organizers of the festival are free to determine who can officially participate.

In a recent appeal of that earlier decision, a District court ruled partially in favor of one evangelist giving him permission to hand out tracts in public areas outside of the official perimeter of the Festival.

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7 Responses to -Dearborn, MI: Four Christian Evangelists Arrested at Arab Festival

  1. Cheryl

    Actually, you have left out quite a bit of the story. The evangelists were not arrested to proselytizing…they were arrested because they refused to abide by the rules set forth for EVERY other religious group (and several others were there, preaching from the approved booths and had no trouble with the festival authorities or the police) but this group was shooting a YouTube video and went into the main part of the festival and tried to get angry reactions to their “evangelizing” and that aggressive behavior is why they were arrested.

    Get the facts straight, please.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks for the additional info.
    However, here’s another article supporting what I am basically saying:

    America, 2010: Christians hauled away for preaching Jesus
    ‘Apparently the Constitution carries little weight in Dearborn’

  3. Juli Jones

    The story is correct. You are speaking of another event that happened last year. There were NO other groups there. You need to study up first and realize what is happening to our Constitutional rights. Hey it seems to be the norm these days. Very sad. Vote America in November.

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