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-Jesus Statue Destroyed by an Act of God?

by Dr. D ~ June 17th, 2010

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...
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The story has become viral on the Internet. A six story 62 Foot high statue of Jesus was hit by lightning and destroyed by fire Monday night.

The atheists are having fun with the ‘act of God’ part of the story.

Then there are a large number of  Muslims who claim that the lightning and fire proves that Jesus was not the Son of God?

Even some Christians are suggesting that the money could have been better spent on missions or maybe food for the poor.

However lot’s of folks have made fun of this statue long before it was destroyed, calling it various names:

-Touchdown Jesus

-Drowning Jesus

-Quicksand Jesus

-Big Butter Jesus (Buttery color)

-Big J

-Giant Jesus

-8-Ball Jesus

The real name of the statue is- “King of Kings”

On a more serious note, the damage to the statue and the nearby building was estimated at $700,000. Not a joking matter at all for the Church that built it- Solid Rock Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Not only that, but many Christians in the area actually liked the statue and found it inspiring. So much so that according to reports the church intends on rebuilding it and the original artist has agreed to be involved. In fact in the wake of all of the media attention donations are flooding in to help in the repairs.

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