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-Radical ‘Muslim Student Union’ Finally Suspended at UCI

by Dr. D ~ June 15th, 2010

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It is about time that the Administration at UCI (University of California, Irvine) took action against the ‘Muslim Student Union’ on campus. The Muslim student group has been suspended for one school year.

We have written about this radical student group several times before based mostly upon anecdotal complaints from Christians and Jewish students who have been confronted and harassed by its aggressive members. On a number of occasions the group has received national media attention, so this news goes beyond being just a local event.

At least once a year this group has sponsored conferences on Palestine and Israel with some of its speakers calling for the complete destruction and eradication of the Jewish state. This student group has never been interested in true dialogue between different points of view but has consistently displayed and supported anti-Semitic and Islamist propaganda. They have particularly vocalized their continued support for terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.

It really wasn’t surprising to me that members of the MSU disrupted the speech of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren on February 8, 2010 making it difficult for him to continue until 11 were arrested and taken away by the police.  These students were obviously not interested in ‘Free Speech’.

This event finally lead to the suspension of this student group for one school year. This was long over due and it seemed to me and others who live in the area that the administration was weak and did not want to confront or bring this group under control. Happily I was wrong this time. Hopefully these students and others will learn from this discipline.            *Top of the Blog

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