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-Sen. Boxer: ‘Carbon Dioxide’ is the Greatest Threat to National Security

by Dr. D ~ June 13th, 2010

Response: Forget about al Qaeda, the Taliban, nuclear Iran or any radical Islamic efforts to overthrow Western civilization. Even forget about the ‘nuevo’ communists who want to destroy our ‘free enterprise’ economy. The greatest threat to our country’s ‘national security’ is Carbon Dioxide?

That’s right, the very substance that you and I and every other human being and animal breathe out with every breath that we take is the real enemy. I guess that makes all of us living breathing ‘terrorists’ and part of a greater conspiracy to harm Mother Earth.

This reminds me of the first Star Trek movie where the machine ‘VGER’ declared that all humanity needed to be destroyed because it was a ‘carbon based infestation’ on planet earth.

Barb Boxer really does need to be retired. She use to be among the dimmest bulbs in the Senate, now she’s just flat out crazy. I’m hoping for Carly Fiorina to replace her in November. Besides Carly has far better hair.           *Top of the Blog

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