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-Is Turkey Becoming NATO’s Trojan Horse?

by Dr. D ~ June 9th, 2010

Trojan Horse (2)
(Image by GoGap via Flickr)

Since 1951 Turkey has been part of NATO and has received $Billions in military weapons and training from the USA. It has been a staunch ally of America and Israel and continues to maintain the second largest army in the alliance. It stood as a strong bulwark against Russia and East Europe during the cold war.

Now everything is quickly changing and some are questioning whether Turkey could end up being NATO’s ‘Trojan Horse’.

Since the end of the cold war, radical Islam has become the major focus and threat faced by the alliance. However, in the last few years under Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey has become increasingly more Islamist and has turned away from Europe and in the last couple of years has signed new treaties with Iran and Syria.

In fact, it is becoming far closer to Iran than it is with the US. Lately they have been supporting radical Hamas in their battle against Israel and recently backed and supported the radical flotillas trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Now comes the word today that they will no longer train with the Israeli forces in NATO air exercises.

One wonders how long they will remain part of NATO as they continue to turn towards the Islamist East and increasingly become committed to a new Iran-Syria-Turkey Axis of Islamic power. The Obama administration seems to be ignoring the obvious signs that Turkey may be in the midst of a metamorphosis from friend to foe.

One wonders what will happen when (not if) the Iranians threaten Israel and American troops in the Middle East with the new missiles and nuclear weapons they are in the process of developing? When push comes to shove will Turkey honor their NATO treaty or join with the Iranian Islamist opposition?             Top of the Blog

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