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-NYC: Thousands Protest Ground Zero Mosque

by Dr. D ~ June 7th, 2010

image(Image from CBN)

Over 5,000 protesters from all around the US showed up in New York City on Sunday to protest the building of a super 13 story mosque just 600 feet from where the Towers fell on 9/11/01. The leaders behind the mosque intend to ‘celebrate’ the opening on 9/11 next year.

The main leader behind the mosque is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who claims to be a man of peace and tolerance and wants the new building to represent the best of Islam. He is also an advocate of Sharia law and is said to be one of the radical supporters behind the flotillas currently trying to bust the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

To many who lost loved ones during the 9/11 attack, the mosque is a rather ‘in your face’ reminder that radical Islamists were involved in the killing of over 3,000 people that day. It is also too much to take that the mosque actually plans to open on the 9/11 anniversary.

There is also the question of where the funding for the $50 million project is coming from? The last Islamic center that imam Rauf was involved in received contributions from Muslims in over 49 different countries.

The mosque was approved by a New York City community board in May but the protestors are hoping to stop the building and get the approval reversed. There is a sense among those there that the mosque would actually be a win for the 9/11 terrorists and their radical Islamist supporters. Most would support the right to build a large Islamic center anywhere in NYC except at this location.             *Top

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