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-What is the Gaza Blockade All About? Weapons and War!

by Dr. D ~ June 2nd, 2010

Naval Sail by on Tel Aviv Beach Saar 5 missile...
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No where in any of the news articles I have read over the last several days about the Israeli blockade of Gaza is the reason for the action in the first place. Weapons and war.

Israel is blocking and inspecting everything coming into Gaza in order to stop weapons and anything that might be useful for the Hamas to use in their continuing conflict against the Israelis.

The Israeli navy legally stopped the flotilla heading to Gaza to inspect the cargo and found themselves being attacked and their forceful and fatal response played right into the international propaganda machine of the Palestinians and their allies.

Here are some facts left out of the news about this incident.

1. Hamas continues to send rockets from Gaza into Israel. This never seems to be reported by the Western news organizations until Israel responds with air attacks upon Gaza.

2. Hamas is hording weapons and gearing up for a major campaign against Israel.

3. Hezbollah in Lebanon is also preparing for a major war and bringing in thousands of rockets to the border area.

4. Syria also seems to be in the middle of preparations for war.

5. Now it appears that Turkey who has been a long time ally of Israel is now supporting the Islamic radicals.

6. Iran is supplying the weapons and logistical support to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Syria.

The entire situation is not what it seems. Israel’s enemies are preparing for war. The Israelis are not blocking supplies from reaching Gaza just to be mean. They are fighting for their very existence.            *Top

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