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-When are Muslims Not Muslims and Attacked liked Infidels?

by Dr. D ~ May 29th, 2010

The Samadhi of Emperor Ranjit Singh in Lahore,...
(Lahore via Wikipedia)

When are Muslims not Muslims? I guess anyone you disagree with if you are with the Taliban.

Two mosques of a Muslim minority sect were attacked in Lahore, Pakistan on Friday. At least 98 people were killed and dozens were wounded as Jihadi terrorists opened fire on Ahmadi worshippers during Friday services.

The scene was described as horrific and characterized as looking like a battlefield in the aftermath of the attack.

The attacks were reportedly carried out by Sunni Muslim extremists who are members of Taliban in Pakistan. Taliban terrorist have also been involved recently in attacks upon Shiite Muslims and Christian communities.

This time it was the Ahmadi’s who are considered as heretics by main stream Muslims. Muslim leaders accuse the Ahmadis of breaking one of the basic tenet of Islam that considers Mohammed was the final prophet, but Ahmadis argue that their founding leader was the savior and not a prophet.  The Pakistani government officially counts the Ahmadis as a ‘non-Muslim’ minority. They are prohibited from calling themselves Muslims or engaging in public Muslim practices in the country.

The 5 million or so Ahmadis in Pakistan consider themselves to be faithful Muslims nevertheless. There are 10s of millions of Ahmadis around the world including some groups in the USA.

Response: Violence continues to surround those involved in the so-called ‘religion of peace’. Apparently theological discussions and disagreements are totally disdained by the Taliban. These Muslim radicals seem to result to violence for any reason. The Taliban continues to attack school girls in Afghanistan and here in Pakistan they battle with Christians and even fellow Muslims that they disagree with. In this case with Muslims who are not Muslim from their perspective.

There is no toleration among the Taliban, not for other religions and not even for other Muslim sects–only violence.           *Top

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