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-Penn Jillette: American Christians ‘The Most Tolerant People Worldwide’

by Dr. D ~ May 26th, 2010

Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas
(Penn via Wikipedia)

Penn and Teller appeared as guests on Tuesday’s Lopez Tonight on TBS.

While discussing their controversial show and their history of criticizing religion, Penn Jillette admitted to be rather surprised by the tolerance of the Christian religious community in America:

“Well, you know, we’ve done heavy stuff. I mean, we’ve done the Vatican. We’ve done Mother Teresa. We’ve done the Dalai Lama.

We’ve done really, really heavy subjects.

And I’ve got to say it was actually a shock doing the show, the religious communities in the United States of America are the most tolerant people worldwide.

I mean, we did really aggressive stuff we believe strongly, and mostly got letters from Christians and Catholics saying we really like how passionately and clearly you put out your ideas. Very few nut cases.”

He goes on to explain that they had received all sort of opposition and trouble when they did expose’s on 9/11 conspiracy people, chiropractors, and other groups but found that American Christians were far more pleasant.

Response: Penn and Teller are equal opportunity insulters and spoofers. Like many who claim to be agnostics or atheists they suppose that all religions are the same—bad. However, they found that American Christians were far more tolerant and pleasant than they expected.

I challenge Penn and Teller to do an insulting show against Islam and see what happens.

It is now common knowledge in the entertainment industry that only certain religions can be insulted without getting you killed. Islam is off the table for that reason cause those folks cannot take a joke and will terrorize all who insult their religion in any way.

Comedy Central recently censored a South park episode that would have included Mohammad but in the same week introduced PR on the development of a new cartoon show on Jesus.  Obviously they also have found that Christians are far more tolerant than Muslims. So all religions really are not the same after all.

Christians are so nice that we can probably expect even more insults to come our way. Second thought, maybe we shouldn’t be so nice and tolerant after all? Just kidding!             *Top

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