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-Pakistan is Blocking Facebook Page on Mohammed

by Dr. D ~ May 19th, 2010

Facebook, Inc.
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Pakistan is currently blocking the popular Facebook page“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”

The page is encouraging Facebook users to post their own images of the prophet on May 20. The site was put up as a protest against radical Muslims who threatened the creators of “South Park” for depicting Muhammad in an episode earlier this year. The threats were successful in getting cowardly Comedy Central administrators to censor the show.

On Tuesday the Pakistani government ordered Internet service providers in the country to block the Facebook page. However, on Wednesday a Pakistani court ordered the government to block Facebook entirely because of the ‘insult’. Meanwhile, Pakistani student are said to be rallying and protesting the page.

Response: There is no freedom of speech in Muslim dominated countries, especially when it comes to Islam. Any supposed ‘insult’ can get you arrested and even killed. Islam does not allow depictions of their prophet so that can get you in real trouble in a Muslim country.

Meanwhile associated Islamic states are trying to get the UN to recognize their Islamic ‘blasphemy’ laws which would make it illegal to criticize Islam in any form all around the world. There are some concerns that the Obama administration is not aggressive enough in opposition and may accommodate the Muslim UN demands.

If so-called ‘blasphemy’ laws were passed in the UN, then folks who criticize Islam in any way would be breaking international law and would be subject to the world courts. This could have serious consequences for Christian missionaries and teachers around the world. In some countries, merely preaching the Gospel is considered an implied insult to Islam.                 *Top

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3 Responses to -Pakistan is Blocking Facebook Page on Mohammed

  1. It’s International Draw Mohammed Day! « raincoaster

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  2. FZ

    What is freedom of speech? No religion of God allows any person to ridicule any person or their religious attributes.
    Making fun of anyone or attributing falsehood is not allowed in any society and I hope the Christian society still has those standards.
    Please tell me being a devoted Christian would you allow anyone to make a page to ridicule Jesus Christ?
    You said no freedom of speech when it comes to Islam? I would like to see this site upload a page where Christians can freely express their confusion on trinity.

  3. Dr. D

    You are entirely wrong. Western and Christian and nations do allow for making fun of every religion including Christianity and Jesus. There are already many sites which criticize the trinity. It is only Islamic nations that do not allow any criticism of their religion Islam while folks there are free to put down Christianity or any other religions. What hypocrisy!

    I will and do support the right for anyone to criticize or make fun of Christianity, and the right to criticize Islam and their prophet Muhammad. There should be toleration for all views and all religions and may the best win out which I submit in the end will be Christianity because we are not afraid of any insults or criticism. The truth is the truth and it will win out in the end.

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