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-Far Too Many ‘Nazi’ Insults

by Dr. D ~ May 14th, 2010

Adolf Hitler portrait, bust, 3/4 facing right.
(Image via Wikipedia)

The last few years it has become fashionable to label political opponents as ‘Nazis’.

When Bush was president it was done all of the time naming him and VP Cheney as the left’s favorite Nazis. In the last year, some folks at the popular Tea Party events have carried signs naming President Obama as their favorite for the Nazi succession.

Now it is Arizona’s turn—yes an entire state. There were literally dozens of folks in the media along with politicians all across the country this week taking time out of their busy schedules to condemn and characterize the state of Arizona as a bunch of Nazis bigots who are intimidating poor illegal immigrants with that famous movie line: “Ve vant to see your papers.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles issued a statement this week saying that comparing Arizona’s tough new immigration law with Nazi Germany is “inappropriate and irresponsible.”

Yes we agree, enough is enough. No matter whether it is coming from the left or the right, Nazi characterizations of opponents are “inappropriate and irresponsible.” It devalues the real horror of the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews and several million more Christians and Gypsies.

The Nazi characterizations should be taken off the table. Nothing President Bush or VP Cheney ever did rose to that level, nothing President Obama will ever do can ever reach that level, and an entire state like Arizona? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

The next time you get the grand idea of calling someone a ‘Nazi’ just knock it off—enough with it all ready.            *Top

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