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-Pope Says Church to Blame for Sex Scandals

by Dr. D ~ May 11th, 2010

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Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday said that the church’s own sins caused the clerical abuse scandal and should not be blamed on any campaign mounted by outsiders. He called for profound purification and penitence within the church.

Response: This is more like it, finally the church accepts complete responsibility. The church took a defensive position for far too long protecting ‘their own’ rather than the victims. For a long time it seemed like the Catholic Church was doing everything it could to deny and resist the clergy sex scandals even to the point of withholding important information from the courts and moving priests around to avoid exposure.

Worse yet, many abusing pedophile priests over the years who were moved merely began their abuse all over again with a new set of victims rather than being taken out of the ministry all together.

It has been a mistake for the church to blame the media as well as opposing groups for the scandal that was actually caused by their own priests and their own lax response. This was not persecution but the natural results of major mistakes in handling their own clergy that fell into sin.

I believe that Pope Benedict is really trying to clean up the church and put new safe guards in place. The recent supposed revelations coming from the media that the Pope Benedict had blocked at least one case when he was a Cardinal was shoddy journalism at best and false innuendo at the worst.

However the church itself is to blame for giving the media and opposition greater credibility by their own inactions and defensive postures in protecting the abusing priests. It is really good to see the Pope finally taking the initiative.            *Top

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