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-Terrorism: Why Do the Media and the Authorities Ignore the Obvious?

by Dr. D ~ May 5th, 2010

Times Square, NYC
(Times Square by Francisco Diez via Flickr)

The media and authorities spent a couple of days speculating that the Times Square bombing attempt was probably a right wing anti-government Tea party type. I found at least a dozen examples before the current suspect was exposed.

In fact NYC Mayor Bloomberg said in a TV interview that the bomber was probably someone who opposed the recent Obamacare bill.

Later when it turned out to be an immigrant from Pakistan who had received terrorist training back home several in the media actually lamented that it turned out to be someone from the Middle East. What no one wants to admit in the media and what continues to be ignored by government officials is the obvious religious connection- radical Islam.

Now the media is pursuing a different template and angle to the story. Actually one of their all-time favorites- ‘Blame it on Bush’. That’s right, Faisal Shahzad did not like President Bush, nor Bush’s war (Now its Obama’s war but we will ignore that fact), and he was losing his Connecticut home to foreclosure, also thanks to the bad economy that Bush caused. So it’s all about Bush and the economy plus he was worried about the oil slick cleanup in the gulf- and we can blame that one on Chaney’s Halliburton.

For the last several weeks the media along with several Democrat politicians including former President Clinton have been warning us about the dangers of right wing anti-government extremists. They even used the recent Oklahoma City bombing anniversary to push that propaganda to the forefront.

Meanwhile the Department of Homeland Security has followed suit alerting police departments all around the country to be on watch and be prepared for homegrown right wing terrorism. At the same time the government has purged all of their documents of any mention of radical Islam and has actually discontinued the use of any of the following terms- ‘War on Terror’, ‘Islamic Terrorism’, ‘Radical Islam’, ‘Radical Muslims’, and etc.

The government and the media have decided as an official policy to ignore the obvious -the continuing threat from radical Islam. Now along comes Faisal Shahzad and the government officials are falling all over themselves claiming that he acted alone and the media is looking for any excuse for his actions but the obvious. Does anyone really think we are safer ignoring the obvious?

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