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-Taliban Claims Responsibility for Times Square Attempt and Promises More

by Dr. D ~ May 3rd, 2010

Over the Weekend, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the Times Square bombing attempt. Also, two videos of Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud surfaced with Mehsud claiming that the reports of his death were incorrect along with threats that he planned to take the war to American cities.

Up to this point, U.S. officials had been confident that a January missile strike in January had killed Mehsud. However, the Taliban had continued to deny that Mehsud had been killed. Now comes these latest videos supporting their contentions along with additional terrorist threats against American cities.

Was Mehsud and the Taliban really responsible for the attempted bombing of Times Square over the weekend? US officials do not think so but their investigation is not complete.

Response: This shows that President Obama and his administration are completely wrong when they recently decided that the ‘War on Terror’ was over and that they would no longer use the terms ‘Islamic terrorism’ or Islamic extremist’. Mehsud and his Taliban seem to fit rather well in both of those categories and they are threatening to take the war to our own cities.

Whether we like it or not these guys are ‘terrorists’ and their motivation does come from their religion-Islam. Anyway you want to add it up they are ‘Islamic Terrorists’ or ‘Islamic Extremists’.              *Top

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