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-A May Day the Media Didn’t Show You

by Dr. D ~ May 3rd, 2010


Here’s a link to Michelle Malkin’s report along with some pictures from around the country of the angry May Day marches over the weekend that the biased PC Main Stream Media did not show you.

Response: The media has taken sides on the Arizona immigration law. It really doesn’t matter that some of the marches on May Day got out of control or how radical some of the signs were. The MSM ignored it all to serve a pro-illegal anti-Arizona agenda. In the process they became the unwitting supporters of ‘Reconquista’ and ‘Che’.

It really is a study in contrasting approaches when you consider that when it comes to the ‘Tea Party’ movement the media goes out of its way to find the craziest folks to interview and that one ‘Nazi’ sign out of 10,000. With May Day it went entirely in another direction presenting the events as organized, logical, peaceful, and sympathetic responses to the ‘evil’ Arizona law. A far different picture than you get from those who were actually there according to the Malkin report.           *Top

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