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“We refuse to be Muslims by force” say Two Egyptian Teenagers

by Dr. D ~ April 28th, 2010

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“We refuse to be Muslims by force” -replied two Christian Egyptian twin brothers after losing a court case which ruled that they were legally Muslims since their father converted to Islam.

According to Egyptian law, when a father coverts to Islam the children automatically become Muslim whether they want to or not. The two teenagers wanted to stay as Christians and sued the government but lost the case.  Now if they continue as Christians they will be official ‘apostates’ of Islam and subject to serious penalties under the law.

The two brothers, Mario and Andrew Lutfi, who were raised as Christians had this to say after the court ruling:

“faith is not by force, we want to remain Christians and we do not wish to become Muslims”.

The brothers hoped to be officially listed as Christians when they turn 16 and receive their adult national ID cards. If they are listed as Muslims on the cards than they will be subject to legal action if they continue worshiping as Christians.

Response: This case demonstrates the continuing persecution that Christians experience in Egypt.  Christians are treated different than Muslims under the laws in that country.  Also note that it is seriously against the law to convert to Christianity from Islam.            *Top

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