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-President Obama Visits Billy Graham and Prays for Him

by Dr. D ~ April 26th, 2010

President Obama stopped by for a visit on Sunday with 91 year old Evangelist Billy Graham at his home in North Carolina. They discussed  a number of things including their wives, golf and Chicago. It is the first time that a sitting president has visited Graham at his home. Billy gave the President two Bibles, one for himself and one for the first Lady Michelle and they prayed together.

According to Billy’s son Franklin, the President actually prayed for the elder Graham:

“The conversation was very cordial, very nice. When the president got ready to leave, the president prayed for my father, my father prayed for him.”

Response: The President should be commended for his visit and even more so for actually thinking to pray for Billy as he is leaving. There are so few times that I am proud of this President that I want to make sure that I give him all the kudos that I can when he does something right. Particularly since this story will probably be ignored by the major media.           *Top

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