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-NCAA Bans Eye Black Messages

by Dr. D ~ April 20th, 2010


The National Collegiate Athletic Association recently banned the use of eye black with messages. A practice made famous by former University of Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow who used to display Bible verses like John 3:16 on his eye black.

The new policy was approved last Wednesday by the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel. Beginning next season college football players can no longer place symbols or messages on the black strips under their eyes which are used to reduce glare from the sun.

The association denied that the rule was in response to Tim Tebow’s biblical messages.

Response: Right! Tim Tebow had nothing to do with it?

He made it famous and also made it an issue that generated hundreds if not thousands of letters of protest to the NCAA from atheists, and secularist college professors and administrators.

Probably is a good idea since who knows what kind of messages might end up there in the future. However, let’s not pretend that the secularist reaction to Tim Tebow’s Christian messages had nothing to do with the ban.  In fact I’m betting that it will always be known and referred to as the “Tim Tebow Rule”.             *Top

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