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-A Few Observations of Our President left over from ‘Tax Day’

by Dr. D ~ April 17th, 2010

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle...
(Picture via Wikipedia)

First of all President Obama and his family should be commended for their generous charitable contributions last year.

It amounted to 6% of their income plus the President gave away all of the money from his Nobel Peace prize. A good example for all of us. Then there is VP Biden who is in the ‘not so much’ category.

There are so few times when I feel good about this President that I felt an extra burden to share this ‘way to go’ since most of my comments about him end up being rather critical.

While I am at it, I still believe that we should support the President and his family in our prayers regardless of our thoughts about the job he is doing.

After reading about the Presidents generous contributions I was quickly snapped back to reality with some comments he made on ‘tax day’ about those of us who are critical of some of his economic policies:

“I am a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies, about taxes.

You would think they would be saying thank you. That’s what you’d think.”

If you haven’t heard the clip, it was said in a rather mocking tone that I would characterize as being rather condescending and arrogant towards all of us ‘little people’.

Obama nemesis Rush Limbaugh ‘thanked’ President Obama in his own unique way the other day mentioning the take over of the auto industry, insulting and endangering Israel, driving up unemployment,  and “exploding the annual deficit” through massive borrowing and spending to a level at which it can never be repaid. Then concluded his response to the ‘should be thanking me’ quote with this:

“But most of all, Mr. President, thank you for arousing the sleeping, silent majority, because we have been asleep too long.

“November is coming, Mr. President. That is when we will really thank you.”

Yes indeedy!

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