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-Girl Rescued by Man Praying and ‘Directed by God’

by Dr. D ~ April 15th, 2010

An Incredible story. Hundreds had been searching for the missing 11 year old girl for over 4 days. James King credits God for help in with finding the girl who has an autism-related disorder:

"He [God] directed my path," volunteer searcher James King told "Good Morning America" today. "When you’re in a swamp, there’s no good-looking way. He led me directly to her. … I would be praying and calling out Scriptures and at one point I called out, ‘Nadia,’ and I heard, ‘What?’

"That’s a huge swamp. It was strictly the Lord. There was no mathematical calculations. It was the Holy Spirit directing me to where he knew she was the whole time," he said.

Response: Prayer still works in spite of all detractors who want to blame God for everything or nothing. After watching the video I found it to be a credible and inspirational story. One to be shared. James King doesn’t come across as some kind of ‘religious nut’ but as a regular Christian with a deeply held faith in God and His Holy Spirit. Praise God!            *Top

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