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-Court Awards Woman Injured while ‘Slain in the Spirit’

by Dr. D ~ April 14th, 2010

Michigan Supreme Court at the Hall of Justice
(Michigan Supreme Court building via Wikipedia)

Here is the interesting case of a woman who was injured in 2002 when she was ‘Slain in the Spirit’ and eventually sued the church for her injuries and for slander:

Dadd, who is in her 50s, sued the church and its pastor after she was injured while “slain in the Spirit” – falling backward after being “overcome by the Spirit of the Lord” – during a rally at Mount Hope Church in Delta Township in 2002.

Dadd claimed Pastor Dave Williams defamed her when he accused her of insurance fraud, faking her injuries and renouncing her faith. A jury awarded her more than $317,000 damages for her injuries, as well as libel, slander and false light in a 2007 trial.

An Appeals Court later threw out most of the award but the Michigan Supreme Court recently reinstated the $317,000 to the woman.

Response: I have been in a lot of services where folks have fallen when overcome by the Holy Spirit and I have always been concerned that someone might get hurt. But the real sticking point in this case seems to be the alleged slander that the Pastor made in semi-public accusations against Ms. Dadd.

Actually, I was once injured in a service when a fellow in front of me fell back on top of me and landed on my knee dislocating it. I was in extreme pain for about a minute or two while the brother prayed for my injury along with others around. The good news is it immediately went back into place and I was healed with no pain at all. In fact the knee was better afterwards than it had been for years.               *Top

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