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-China’s Shameful Gendercide of Girls

by Dr. D ~ April 13th, 2010

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China’s ‘one child’ only policy has resulted in a number of unintended consequences. Soon there will be an incredible gender imbalance in the country with nearly 30 million more men of marriageable age than women. The fact is,  if couples can have only one child they all want them to be boys.

Every year 10’s of millions of healthy girl babies are aborted in order for families to achieve their goal of having a male child. In ancient China baby girls used to be left out in the cold to die now in a very efficient way they are eliminated in medical centers across the country instead. Abortion is the official method that is encouraged by the government to achieve the ‘one child’ policy but prospective parents are now using it to abort females after testing to find out the gender of their babies.

In the coming generation, millions of young men will not be able to find wives because of the shortage. Already young women are rather picky who they choose to link up with and prostitution and homosexuality is on the rise. The Chinese society will be abnormally unbalanced in the near future and there doesn’t seem to be any way that it can be corrected as long as the current one child policy is official.

Meanwhile, the government is actually advertizing and trying to encourage families to have girls. However they are bucking up against a traditional Chinese culture that has always valued male babies over female and have expected sons to carry on the family name and take care of their parents in their old age.

One wonders what kind of tensions this will cause in the future. Some have forecast that revolution or war may be on the horizon with so many frustrated young men in the coming generation. In some ways the ‘one child’ policy has brought China to the brink of world leadership but the abnormal gender imbalance in their future could wipe out all of that progress in one generation.

What will China look like in 50 years? One doesn’t really know but the society will be changed in ways that are hard to predict and none of this bodes well for their future. One can only hope that the 100 million or so Christians now in China will begin to make a difference in that country and provide a new cultural perspective in the future.            *Top

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