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-Persecution of Christians Continues in Pakistan

by Dr. D ~ April 10th, 2010

(Compass Photo)

image Literally we could post a story nearly every day exposing Christian persecution in Pakistan. Here are two recent stories from Compass Direct News:

47 Christian Falsely Accused by Police

This one happened on Palm Sunday:  47 Christians including women and children were falsely accused by police of violating Pakistani alcohol laws and one home was ransacked by the local police looking for bribes from the poor Christian community.

Christian Chapel Attacked

RCDM Church was attacked by Islamists on Good Friday and 3 Christians were held hostage. Meanwhile the radicals ransacked the church, tore up Bibles and attacked and looted nearby Christian homes. Then they held a family hostage until police broke up the attack. The authorities were going to let the perpetrators go at first but finally did charge the 10 assailants including the 4 burqa-clad women who participated in the attack.              *Top

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