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-Should Workers have a Right to Wear Crosses?

by Dr. D ~ April 8th, 2010

Rosary Necklace with Brass Cross
(Image by Alanna George via Flickr)

In a recent case in the UK one Christian nurse has been prohibited from wearing a crucifix necklace to work. Meanwhile, Muslim women are allowed to wear a hijab on the job at the same facility. A judge this week upheld the ban.

This has come up a number of times in the US. Have any of you experienced employers that forbid the wearing of crosses at work?

I do believe that businesses should have the right to regulate the wear of their employees within reason. My only question is this—is a traditional necklace with a small cross or crucifix really offensive to anyone? Has Christianity become that offensive in this country that no Christian symbols at all should be allowed at work?

The only caveat that I have is this—all regulations should be applied to evenly to all religions. If not than it becomes a form of religious persecution. In the case of the nurse in the UK, the hospital should have the right to regulate wear but morally it is offensive that they would pick on Christian symbols while giving distinctive Muslim wear a pass.

Lately I have seen more and more women here in So. California working at Target and Wal-Mart wearing hijabs. From my perspective this is OK as long as Christians are not prohibited from bearing non-obtrusive cross bearing necklaces. After all they even sell those ‘offending’ objects in the store.             *Top

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