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-Finally Baseball Arrives!

by Dr. D ~ April 5th, 2010

The Major League Baseball logo.
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Yesterday the major league baseball season started with the Red Sox beating the rival Yankees. Actually I was rooting for both teams to lose that game if it was at all possible.

Finally baseball is back and I have something to watch on TV besides the American Idol show that my wife is always subjecting me too and all the reruns and confusing story lines of Lost which have me hopelessly lost. The only thing worse than American idol is basketball of any variety.

While we are at it, I really couldn’t care any less who ends up winning the NCAA between Duke and Butler, though if I had to choose I always root for the underdog—so go Butler. Just don’t make me watch the game.

Since the Super bowl I have been on a sporting fast but tonight it is over as my LA Angels of Anaheim take the field against the Minnisocold Twins. Wouldn’t you know it, it is actually raining this morning giving the Twins some weather that they’re familiar with.

Oh well-go Angels beat the Twins, take the division, beat the Yankees for the pennant and go on to the series and beat the Dodgers in the first LA freeway series ever. Well at least those are my hopes and dreams for the new season.

Play ball!

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2 Responses to -Finally Baseball Arrives!

  1. Billy Coffey

    I begin my countdown after the last pitch of the last game of the World Series. Those few months between October and March are very long and very cold.

  2. Dr. D

    All right, someone who understands. I have been waiting for the first pitch for months.

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