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-A TV Psychic to be Beheaded for ‘Witchcraft’?

by Dr. D ~ April 1st, 2010

Witch Burning
(Image by mullica via Flickr)

This is not a April fools joke even if it sounds like one. In the West, a ‘witch hunt’ is merely an expression and the famous ‘Salem Witch Trials’ in the USA happened over 300 years ago.

Meanwhile as strange as it seems, in Saudi Arabia a TV psychic has been sentenced to be beheaded for ‘witchcraft’ and according to judicial sources the sentence will be carried out on Friday.

Ali Sibat is a Lebanese citizen who made predictions on an Arab satellite TV channel from his home in Beirut. The supposed ‘crime’ wasn’t even committed in Saudi Arabia nevertheless Ali was arrested by the Saudi religious police while on a pilgrimage to Medina in May 2008 and sentenced to death in November.

Ali’s Lawyer and Lebanese officials are hoping to get the Saudi royal family to commute the sentence. The man is a 49 year-old father of 5 children.

Response: Another crazy case of Muslim justice in Saudi Arabia. In this instance, the ‘crime’ wasn’t even committed there but the Saudi’s arrest, convict, and intend on killing the supposed ‘witch’ anyway. Wow think of that! You could violate Saudi laws while living in another country and be arrested as a tourist.

I am sure I have violated Saudi laws just teaching the Bible and preaching the gospel—never mind all of it has been done in the good ol’ USA. Not to mention the negative things I have said about Islam on this blog from time to time. If I ever visit Saudi Arabia then I could be convicted of violating Saudi religious laws?

Wow, it does sound like an April fools joke after all, I’m sure Ali Sibat and his family wishes that it was!            *Top

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