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-Pope Benedict and a Case of Incredible Anti-Catholic MSM Bias During Holy Week

by Dr. D ~ March 31st, 2010

Pope Benedictus XVI
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The main stream media has gone viral with the notion that Pope Benedict was complacent in handling and shutting down a church court case against Father Lawrence Murphy who  accused of molesting 100 or so children.

One news writer after another has jumped on the band wagon and called for the Pope to resign.

All of this coming during the holiest week in the Christian calendar. It is becoming a tradition for the MSM and for TV to feature anti-Christian articles and shows during the week before Easter.

This year it is the trumped-up charges against a sitting Pope. It should be laughable since the supposed newspaper of record  (NY Times) launched the assault with a bunch of improbable assertions that is not born out by the record of the case and flatly denied by those involved. Nevertheless anti-Catholic and anti-Christian bias has turned this into an issue that is making the rounds and refuses to go away regardless of the truth and the facts.

Here’s a link to an article by Fr. Thomas Brundage who has first hand knowledge of the case in question as the vicar judge in the case: “Setting the record straight in the case of abusive Milwaukee priest Father Lawrence Murphy

In an interview that I personally listened to on the Hugh Hewitt radio program, Fr. Brundage says that he has not been contacted by the press and he was even misquoted in a NY Times article. Here’s part of Hewitt’s synopsis:

Fr. Brundage never had any contact with the pope, nor did he ever hear of any involvement of the pope with the case, nor did the Vatican office the pope ran routinely supervise these cases until 2001, although some officials in that office did work with Fr. Brundage on this particular case because of one of the charges leveled against Murphy.

At the conclusion of our interview I asked Father Brundage to speculate on why the reporting  and commentary on this story has been so flawed and he speculated that there is both anti-Catholicism and anti-Benedict prejudice at work in some quarters.

Also, the Washington Post has decided to feature this dubious story during Holy Week of all things as their ‘On Faith’ issue of the week which lists a number of responsive articles including a provocative one from Richard Dawkins. The best post is by George Weigel:

Anti-Catholic bias and irresponsible reporting

Response: Holy Week is always seems to be filled with one TV expose after another promising to show the ‘real truth’ about Jesus and Christianity. Last year it was the “Lost Tomb of Jesus” and before that the Gnostic so-called “Gospel of Judas”. Not to be left out, there are always the typical anti-Christian articles that headline in the major ‘news’ magazines like Newsweek and Time.

I wondered what the push would be this year. As a charismatic protestant I am not directly targeted this time but the tactics are the same and they are calculated to be an unwanted distraction during the holiest week of the year in the Christian calendar which all of us Christians do share in.            *Top

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