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-Hutaree: ‘Christian’ Terrorists?

by Dr. D ~ March 30th, 2010

All you Christians might as well get used to this name –‘Hutaree’-because from now on till the end of time you are going to hear it over and over again every time a Muslim terrorist group does anything the Hutaree militia will be cited as proof that Christians are just as ‘bad’ and just as dangerous. 

After all, for the last several years I have endured person after person and website after website hawking the false and dubious dictum that Timothy McVeigh was a Christian (after all he was born into an Irish Catholic family) and that the atheist guy who bombed abortion clinics was one of us also. Now they actually have a group that claims to be ‘Christian’ and actually blames Christ for their actions—this is just perfect for those who want to perpetuate the equivalence of religions theory.

The perpetuators will ignore that fact that no Christian leader, church, or denomination condones the actions, theology, or plans of this extremist group. Oh no! Regardless, all of Christianity will be tainted by these marginal folks for all time.

As near as I can figure the score is now at least 15,000 to 1 in favor of the Islamists but we will all have to live with being tagged with the one.               *Top

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1 Response to -Hutaree: ‘Christian’ Terrorists?

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