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-Taliban: Training and Using Children as Suicide Bombers?

by Dr. D ~ March 29th, 2010

Kids on field trip
(Image by Ravages via Flickr)

Now the Taliban is training and using children as suicide bombers? Seems incredible but also terribly true.

Here’s what their typical day looks like:

A typical day for the mostly Pashtun “fidai” – suicide bombers, who call other jihadis “common mujahids” – begins before dawn in camps numbering no more than 35 “students.”

The black-turbaned recruits – typically 12 or 13 years old, with some as young as 7 – recite Koran verses until morning prayers.

They eat together, and then “driver’s ed” takes on a sinister new meaning,

“After breakfast, most trainees receive driver’s education and practice vehicle maneuvers … in preparation for vehicle-borne suicide attacks,”

The kids clean camp until lunch, take a nap, then take more “outdoor driving lessons after having tea with cookies.”

Here’s a quote from one of the would be suicide mini-bombers:

“I want to grow up with military training, to participate in fighting and, Allah willing, to perform a martyrdom operation,”

“There was good food, pocket money, good friends and vehicles for driving.”

Response: This really does make me sick. These folks some day will face their Creator and have to answer for their actions and how they used and mistreated children in His name. What did Jesus say? It would be better for them if a millstone had been put around their necks and they were thrown into the water.            *Top

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  1. Devorah Forro

    Have to say – THANK YOU so much for your site!!
    Pretty rare to find a decent website which isn’t just full of spam nowerdays 😛

    I’ve already saved it so I can keep visiting! 🙂

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