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-Netanyahu to Obama: Jerusalem “Not a Settlement- It’s Our Capitol”

by Dr. D ~ March 23rd, 2010

(Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is meeting with President Obama today in the White House. In talking to the press yesterday he made it very clear that his government has no intentions to stop building Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem. After all, he reasons that Jerusalem is “not a settlement-It’s our capitol” He went on to say:

“The connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem cannot be denied. The Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3,000 years ago and they are building Jerusalem today.”

The Obama administration has been ordering Israel to stop building in Jerusalem in preparation for negotiations to bring forth a new Palestinian state. Jerusalem is the biggest sticking point in any negotiation and treaty. Both the Israelis and the Palestinians claim Jerusalem for their capitol.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel whether most of the world recognizes it or not. Naturally they keep on building apartments and new housing and neighborhoods for their citizens. From their perspective, to require them to stop building in their own capitol is tantamount to asking the USA to stop building in Washington DC. Netanyahu says that he plans to make that abundantly clear to Pres. Obama today in their meeting.

From the Palestinian view, Jerusalem is Arab Muslim territory and any Jewish neighborhoods being built there are intruding and acerbating an already tense situation between the Jews and the Muslims. Recently Palestinians have been demonstrating and rioting in the streets over the building of the latest Jewish settlements.

It will be interesting to see how President Obama responds to PM Netanyahu. Up to this point, the relationship between this administration and the Israelis has been the very worst ever. There is a sense in Israel that Pres. Obama is far more sympathetic to the Arab Muslim cause and that he sides with the Palestinians on nearly every issue.

Response: It is important for the two leaders to come to a better understanding of where each one really stands on the issues before them. We really do need to pray for these leaders today and pray particularly for clarity and understanding.

We also always need to remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.                *Top

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