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-Karnataka, India: Is the State Government Supporting Christian Persecution?

by Dr. D ~ March 22nd, 2010

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Is the state government  supporting the persecution of Christians in Karnataka, India? According to one researcher, a former member of the Karnataka high court, it is.

There have been an incredible number of incidents of persecution against Christians in the state in the last 500 days–over 1,000 ranging from beatings to the destruction of church property.

The most recent attack took place at a Christian funeral last  Wednesday (March 17), when a mob of around 150 people led by the Hindu extremist Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council or VHP) refused to allow an Indian Christian to be buried on Indian soil, suggesting they send him to Rome or the USA instead.

The mob attacked the service and tore apart the coffin and desecrated the cross throwing the body onto a tractor. Later the funeral did take place with the support of the local police.

Most of the time the local government authorities have not been helpful but seem to go out of the way to support the radicals bringing on the persecution. The state government of Karnataka is currently dominated by members of the radical Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The attacks on Christians started unabated since the BJP came to power in May 2008.

Michael Saldanha, a former judge of the Karnataka High Court, conducted the ‘People’s Tribunal Enquiry’ into the attacks on Christians in Karnataka on behalf of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties’ Dakshina Kannada district chapter, the Catholic Association of South Kanara (another name for Dakshina Kannada) and the Karnataka Chapter of Transparency International. Saldanha blames the BJP run state government on the persecution:

“Attacks are taking place every day.”

“On Jan. 26 – the day we celebrated India’s Republic Day – Karnataka’s 1,000th attack took place in Mysore city.”

“I have been to many police stations where complaints of [forced] conversions have been lodged against Christians, and when I asked the police why they were acting on frivolous complaints, most of them told me that they had orders from above.”

“Numerous others have been threatened and beaten up,” the report states. “The police are totally out of control, with the lower judiciary having abdicated its constitutional obligation of safeguarding the citizens’ rights particularly from a tyrannical state machinery, while the state government proclaims that everything is peaceful.”

Saldanha also claims that the BJP officials are paying off the press and controlling the media coverage of the attacks.

Response: We really do need to be praying for these folks. This is apparently another Indian state like Orissa where the persecution of Christians is not only allowed but actually supported by the state BJP government officials.

The Indian federal government really does need get involved before this becomes another situation like Orissa where hundreds were killed, thousands injured, 100’s of churches burned and 1,000’s of Christian homes and businesses were destroyed. 50,000 Christians from Orissa are still homeless.               *Top

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