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-Egypt: Muslims Attack Christian Community

by Dr. D ~ March 19th, 2010

(Gutted vehicle from the attack)

(CDN): A mob of enraged Muslims attacked a Coptic Christian community in a coastal town in northern Egypt last weekend, wreaking havoc for hours and injuring 24 Copts before security forces contained them.

The violence erupted last Friday (March 12) afternoon when the local sheikh at the neighborhood mosque incited Muslims over a loudspeaker, proclaiming jihad against Christians. Then the angry Muslim mob attacked the local Coptic Christian church hurling rocks and attacking Christians trying to force them to convert. A number of Christian businesses and homes were looted and burned along with several vehicles.

It was following the afternoon mosque prayers when Sheikh Khamis rallied the mob of over 300 Muslims. The attack was apparently in response to a new wall that the Christians built around their community center.

Response: Here we go again, it seems like the Coptic Christians in Egypt are continually being persecuted in Egypt. The Copts and the Muslims lived in peace for over a thousand years. However, in this generation Islam is becoming far more radical in Egypt than it has ever been and Muslims no longer tolerate their Coptic neighbors.

Also, why do these things always seem to happen with Muslims on Fridays following their prayers and services? Then again nearly every Muslim mob is incited and lead by Muslim religious leaders either sheikhs or imams. No other religion I can think of is so closely connected with violence of this kind which is actually incited during the worship services themselves.

Then folks in this country want to call Islam the ‘religion of peace’? Hopefully it does continue to be a ‘religion of peace’ in this country.               *Top

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