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-Pakistan: Islamic Gunmen Kill Christian Aid Workers

by Dr. D ~ March 10th, 2010

Map of Pakistan
(Pakistan by Omer Wazir via Flickr)

From Compass Direct News: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, March 10 (CDN) — Suspected Islamic militants armed with guns and grenades stormed the offices of a Christian relief and development organization in northwest Pakistan today, killing six aid workers and wounding seven others.

Approximately 15 gunmen attacked the World Vision offices near Oghi, Pakistan killing six staff members (all Pakistanis) including two women and wounding seven others. World Vision is an international humanitarian organization which came to Pakistan to offer aid to earthquake victims in 2005. While the humanitarian organization has Christian ties it does not proselytize or provide any particular religious teaching.

Here’s the account of one survivor, World Vision administration officer Mohammad Sajid:

“They gathered all of us in one room. The gunmen, some of whom had their faces covered, also snatched our mobile phones. They dragged people one by one and shifted them to an adjacent room and shot and killed them.”

This is not the first attack of aid workers by Islamic extremists in Pakistan. Last October, the UN’s World Food Program office in Islamabad was attacked by a suicide bomber and five aid workers were killed. After that, the United Nations decided relocate a number of their offices and international staff from Pakistan due to security concerns.

Response: Pakistan is becoming a far more dangerous place than it use to be. With all of the allied armies attacking the Taliban and al Queda folks in Afghanistan thousands of the Islamic extremists have fled to Pakistan.

The extremists are making their presence felt in that country nearly every day. The Taliban has literally taken over several provinces and have initiated a radical form of sharia law. There are on-going battles between the extremists and the Pakistani army. Remember that Pakistan has nuclear weapons so there is a lot at stake.                  *Top

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