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-Washington DC: Same-Sex Marriage in The District Beginning Wednesday?

by Dr. D ~ March 2nd, 2010

The Supreme Court of the United States of America
(Supreme Court by parvapax via Flickr)

Today the US Supreme Court refused to block same-sex marriage in Washington DC. The head of DC’s marriage bureau says that same-sex couples can begin applying for marriage licenses tomorrow- on Wednesday.

The DC council approved the same-sex measure in December and Mayor Adrian Fenty signed it. Meanwhile 100’s of DC pastors opposed it and 1,000’s of Christians rallied against it. The opposition organized and tried to get Congress and the Supreme Court to reverse the decision.

The pastors wanted the measure to go before the entire District for a vote but the Mayor and council refused to put it before the people. All of the polls showed that the District voters supported traditional marriage and would have probably rejected same-sex marriage by a large margin.

Nevertheless, for now DC joins Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Iowa in allowing same-sex marriage.

Response: This is another one of those situations lately where political leaders think that they know what is best for the folks and shove it down their throats whether they want it or not. There is a new arrogance among our leaders that I have never seen before.

It no longer seems to matter what the people think or want unless it is election time then just lie and say anything to get elected. Also we now have a main-stream media that is agenda driven and no longer trying to expose the truth.               *Top

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