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-Obama Doesn’t Support the British on Falkland Dispute?

by Dr. D ~ February 26th, 2010

Location of the Falkland Islands
(Falkland Islands via Wikipedia)

This is another one of those puzzling foreign policy cases where President Obama deliberately tweaks one of our greatest allies Great Britain. It is also one of those stories  that US main stream media seems to be ignoring.

The British have discovered oil in the South Atlantic near the Falkland Islands. Meanwhile Argentina has disputed their right to explore in the area and continues to dispute the British claim to the Falklands. Swords are already rattling over this issue and Argentina has asked the UN to rule against the British claim. Meanwhile The Obama administration has decided to support the Argentinean’s by default.

You might will recall that Argentina and Britain went to war over the Falkland Islands in 1982. President Reagan naturally supported Margaret Thatcher and lent airbase and logistic support to British. Argentina had attacked and taken the Falkland Islands by force but the British took it back in a bloody war that saw 655 Argentineans killed and 255 British. Now the Argentineans are rattling their sword once more?

Meanwhile our Obama State Department decides to be neutral?:

“We are aware not only of the current situation but also of the history, but our position remains one of neutrality,” a State Department spokesman told The Times. “The US recognizes de facto UK administration of the islands but takes no position on the sovereignty claims of either party.”

We helped British in their last Falkland dispute but now we refuse to even verbally back them now? Obama is trying to reach out to Latin America including some of its notorious dictators.  After all his buddy Chavez supports Argentina. In the process the Prez seems to be willing to sacrifice the rightful claims of our greatest ally?

Response: Who would you rather see controlling any oil found in the South Atlantic? The rulers of Argentina (even if they are now elected) or Great Britain. What would actually be better for the USA in the long run? Enough said I should think. Sometimes I wonder just whose side Pres. Obama is on.             *Top

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